“For Sustainable Development Programs in the General Election Campaign 2017!”

The position of the environmental organizations after recognizing electoral programs of political parties in general elections 2017

We, 30 environmental organizations, operating all over Albania, are following with interest this electoral campaign, the programs and commitments of political parties for the development of the country over the next four years, and we note that:

  • 18 political parties are registered for general elections. Over 70% of these parties have not published yet their programs for the country’s future economical, social and cultural development;
  • Meanwhile, in the statements and public speeches of the parties leaders, are neglected, almost not mentioned at all, the environmental policies that lead the country towards sustainable economic development in line with European Union countries.

Consequently, we conclude and are convinced that:

  • This shortcoming poses serious risk to the wished future and to the integration of Albania and Albanians into the European Union;
  • Sustainable Development is not a technical challenge, but a necessary development policy that meets multiple goals over the future towards ecological and economic protection that respects the basic standards of human dignity, human rights and wellbeing.

We sustain our posistin in the experience of the last 25 years, in which we regret to notice that the development programs leaded by all political parties and especially those that have governed
the country, testify the environmental and socio-economic crises of our country by trying to develop quickly, maximizing natural resources and increasing degradation and environmental pollution, thus following the path of unsustainable development. We are witnesses that this policy has restrained us and will restrain us even more from European integration, which has well-known and accepted standards from our country and sector policy towards green development and sustainable economy.
Seeing that the same unsustainable development path continues to be still expressed in the chaotic engagement of this campaign, where solutions come from above without discussing and mobilizing the bottom-up approach, and

where the politics require fast enrichment andwhereever possible, we appeal to political parties to:

  1. Make their electoral programs public as soon as possible, ensuring transparency and providing Albanian citizens with arguable alternative choices to deserve their
  2. Include in their electoral programs environmental friendly policies, thus integrating the elements of sustainable development;
  3. Ensure the participation of stakeholders in decision-making, in accordance with national interests and in respect of national legislation and all international conventions where Albania is a signatory party.

We believe there are still opportunities and time for political parties and politicians to reduce and improve the unsustainable patterns of country economic development on which the new government will work in the next four years.

With trust and a loud voice, the environmental organisations as below:

1. Qendra “Grupimi Ekolëvizja” -Tiranë
2. Forumi i Mendimit të Lirë – Tiranë
3. Egnatia – Librazhd
4. Agjencia Jonjane e Medias, Mjedisit dhe Informacionit (AJMMI) – Sarandë
5. Milieukontakt Albania – Tiranë
6. SEEP – Vlorë
7. Together for Life – Tiranë
8. Ekomjedisi – Durrës
9. Qendra Mjedisore EDEN – Tiranë
10. Qendra e Informacionit Aarhus – Shkodër
11. EcoAlbania – Tiranë
12. Klubi Ekologjik – Elbasan
13. Për Mirëqenie Sociale dhe Mjedisore – Berat
14. CRCD -Vlorë
15. Instituti i Këkrimeve Urbane -Tiranë.
16. AULEDA – Vlorë
17. Fondacioni Gjirokastra – Gjirokastër
18. Tjetër Vizion – Elbasan
19. Unë, Gruaja – Pogradec
20. Sot për të ardhmen – Durrës
21. Instituti për Ruajtjen e Natyrës në Shqipëri- INCA
22. ILIRIA- Tiranë
23. Forumi Shqiptar Liqeni i Shkodres – Shkodër
24. MIQESIA- Ulëz, MAT
25. Mbrojtja e Mjedisit dhe Zhvillimi i Turizmit- Kukës, HAS
26. GREEN&CLEAN- Korçë
27. CAJUPI – Gjirokastër
28. Adriatic Center – Vlorë
29. GO2 – Shkodër
30. Shoqata e Përdoruesve të burimeve Natyrore Sllovë – Diber

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