The Center for Research, Cooperation and Development is a local Non-Profit Organization.

CRCD is a professional non-governmental organization created to serve in all Albania. It has implemented projects in several geographical areas. Actually, it is mainly operating in Southern Albania, in particular Vlora Region. The CRCD headquarter is located in the Vlora city.

Under it’s vision, the core objectives of CRCD is to act as consultative resource, researcher and capacity builder related the economic and socio-cultural issues as well environmental, sustaining a society with equal rights within a framework that combines poverty reduction and the promotion of an integrated and sustainable development of the territory.

Our service combine a uniquely versatile competence in community planning, environmental education and awareness,  human resources development and capacity building, development of public services and management consulting services.

Picture of Civic Participation
Our Expertise

Civic Participation

Community actions Participatory governance Participatory actions for Strategic Planning

Picture of Capacity and institution building
Our Expertise

Capacity and institution building

Community project Institutional strengthening and capacity building of public bodies and NGOs Participatory planning Property Registration/ gender property rights Strategic and Land use planning

Picture of Environment and natural resources
Our Expertise

Environment and natural resources

Environmental awareness and education Water resources management Management of protection areas Environmental watch dogging

Picture of Economic Development
Our Expertise

Economic Development

Sustainable Tourism SME development Local and regional development