Institutionalization of anti-corruption measures in Selenica Municipality

Timespan: May – October 2017
Origin of founding: IDM, CIVILISC Project, EU Fund

Short Description:
The project highlights: a) the necessity to develop and adopt internal regulations for implementing the procedure ethics and action plans for anti-corruption in order to take the appropriate measures in cases where the level of risk control is existent and a concern for the integrity of the municipality itself; and b) the full participation of civil servants and local community to be part of the process as well to cooperate and participate in the effective implementation of the proposed regulations.
Additionally, in the framework of the Anti-Corruption Strategy for 2015-2020 and Action Plan 2015-2017, it is seen as a necessity the implementation of domestic policies and anti-corruption measures in Selenica Municipality to increase the public confidence for good management of public funds and resources for the common interests.

Together an EYE on ENVIRONMENT

Timespan: May 2017- January 2018
Origin of founding: REC Albania, SENIOR II Program, SWEDEN Fund

Short Description:
The project will be implemented in the city of Vlora and the focus is energy poverty, a situation where individuals or families cannot provide heat in their house by affordable costs due to social and economic reasons.

Vlora city has a number of houses about 22,351 of which 16,269 are stock (uninhabited) and the number of families on social assistance supported from the Municipality of Vlora is 670 or about 11% of residential housing. While it is relatively considerable the number of educational and public buildings at not only they, for which facing the costs of electricity from local power range at a monthly average of 250 thousand euro / month for gardens.

The project addresses the assessment of energy performance in the residential sector in families and economic problems, public entities and not public in Vlora as a valuable tool to address the challenges of sustainable use of clean energy, in the implementation of policies local support efficiently with the aim of energy efficiency and minimize negative environmental impact thus mitigating climate change.

Shoqëri pjesëmarrëse në vendimarrje

Kohëzgjatja: Nentor 2016- Nëntor 2018

Vendodhja: Tiranë, Vlorë, Shkodër, Elbasan, Berat
Burimi i fondeve: Bashkimi Evropian, në kuadër të programit të grantit “Shoqëria Civile Vepron për Zhvillimin Social Ekonomik mbi Bazat e një Mjedisi të Shëndetshëm (CO-SEED)”, nëpërmjet INCA

Përshkrim i shkurtër
Projekti zhvillohet në 5 qytete të Shqipërisë dhe ka për qëllim që të nxisi proces sa më të mirë të pjesëmarrjes në vendimmarrje për VNM/VSM në Shqipëri nëpërmjet rritjes së kapacitetit të OJF-ve duke u angazhuar në mënyrë aktive dhe cilësore në konsultimet publike.

Objektivat e projektit janë: rritja e kuptimit të palëve të interesuara të raporteve të VNM/VSM-së dhe theksimi i rëndësisë së pjesëmarrjes së publikut në vendet ku projekti ka zbatim; nxitja e njoftimit të përshtatshëm për pjesëmarrje aktive të OJF-ve dhe të anëtarëve të komunitetit në konsultimet publike të VNM/VSM.

Media është një aktor i rëndësishëm në mbarëvajtjen e projektit. Në secilin qytet dhe në Vlorë nëpërmjet Qendrës CRCD, zbatuese e projektit në nivel lokal, do të identifikohen raste ku mund të ndiqet dhe të nxitet një proces sa më i mirë për pjesëmarrjen në vendimmarrje.


  • Trajnim një ditor mbi rritjen e kuptimit të VNM/VSM dhe proçedurave ligjore
  • Lobim për të përmirësuar mekanizmat e pjesëmarrjes së publikut në proçes

E-activate & E-participate & Engage citizens for urban Environmental health

Timespan: June 2015- May 2016
Origin of founding: REC Albania

Short Description:
The project aims to promote and sensitize local authorities in Vlora for implementation of the legal obligation to provide information access to the public as well as real participation  in environmental decision-making through the information and consultation processes and advocacy at the institutional level for any case  that constitute administrative violations and offenses against the environment .

Through several meetings and round-tables, te local institutions (REA, SIEWP and  Vlora Municipality) will join forces and coordinate their work firstly on the environmental information to be broadcast to the public and shared among them i.e lists of permits of type C, the inspection and monitoring reports, notices of public consultation on infrastructure works for  urban renewal and development and not only. The citizens will be involved and a group of activists will be trained to prepare the first monitoring reports and identification of cases of environmental damage, as well as administrative and criminal offenses. This project will enable citizens and local institutions to be active, participative and engaged in important issues that affect the urban environment health of Vlora.  An on-line web-based platform, very informative and demanding dedicated to urban environment will come to the aid of public institutions and citizens in the Municipality of Vlora.

Provided services:

  1. Es on-line web based platform which is a dynamic environmental repository with environmental information from Regional Env. Directorate (env permission of C type, State En Inspectoriate (monitoring and inspection results), Vlora Municipality urban planning office (announcement on public consultation). As well the platform will contain information on environmental situation, citizens feedback and comments etc.
  2. Monitoring report of citizens on urban env. health in the city during the project cycle, examples of law violation and cases which are presented in Vlora District Court, etc.

The Project website will be updated and used to create on-line forums and feedback collection from citizens and other users related environmental information.

My Natural Resources

Time span: May – June 2016
Origin of funding: CO-PLAN

Description of its implementation:
On May-June 2016 in the framework of My Natural Resources, the Centre for Research, Cooperation and Development has organized three activities with the pupils of “Jani Minga” School in Vlora, “Ali Asllani” school in Kote, Selenica Municipality and with different Vlora high school pupils and volunteers of the center with the aim to planting seedlings on “Soda” forest in Zvernec.
The students very often have been participant in different session information days organized by the CRCD Center in the framework of national and international environmental days as well they have been part of a initiative organized by CRCD for planting seedlings on the frame work of World Environmental Day.
The aims of the activities
Were to increase and enhance student awareness and to rise the knowledge of nature resources and importance of protected areas, as well to raise their contribution about taking care of environment and natural resources.

The focus of the activities were to inform the students about the importance and values of the natural recourse in Vlora region in areas of high importance of environmental values as Marine and Coastal Park of Sazan – Karaburun, National Park of Llogora, Narta Lagoon (Ramsar site), Velca caves, “Soda” Forest in Zvernec etc.

Citizen Scoring Card initiatives for the Assessment of Public Services

Timespan: 2012-2013
Origin of founding: US Embassy in Tirana

Short Description
This project was focused on an innovative approach to address the problems for public services provided by Orikum Municipality and aimed at strengthening citizen voice as the main actor and beneficiary of these services, regulated by law no. 8652 “The operation and organization of local governments in Albania”. In particular, during the project, citizens participated in the assessment of suitability, accessibility and quality of the main services offered by local government – Orikum Municipality, which responded positively to civic call for improvement of the existing situation.

Estimated services: drinking water, cleaning services and urban waste landfill, the wastewater and sewerage, public transport, greenery in the city, recreational spaces and other services provided for the elderly.

Provided services

  • Awareness of citizens, public service providers and Local Government.
  • Research activities on the perception of the quality of public services, public participation in decision making, quality of life etc.
  • Questionnaires, thematic focus groups according to public services, individual interviews with local government representatives and leaders of companies that provide services.
  • Compilation of Card Public Assessment

Do it with love

Timespan: 20 January 2014- 20 July 2014
Origin of founding: Vita Teem NGO – Estonia
Partners in project: Vita Teem NGO – Estonia

Short Description:
The project “Do it with Love” brings together 32 young people from 6 different countries interested in career planning and developing creativity. The idea of the project was born during the study visit and partnership building activity between Balkan and Baltic countries that happened in Latvia and Estonia in June 2013. We have visited several organizations working with young people both in Latvia and Estonia, and our colleagues from Balkan countries were amazed by well developed hobby-education system. Possibility to experience different hobbies and develop their interests with the help of professionals is not available for many young people in Balkan countries, because there are no many institutions and organizations providing it for accessible price.

 Provided services

  • International exchange trips with other European organizations and not only in Estonia.

Design and Implementation of a Public Outreach Programme for the Systematic First Registration of Real Estate in Priority Coastal Areas in Albania

Timespan: January 2011-January 2012
Origin of founding: OSCE

Short Description:
Centre for Research Cooperation and Development (CRCD) was contracted by OSCE Presence in Albania for the design and implementation of public information and communication program, which consisted of a series of activities to ensure full participation of stakeholders in the Registration of Real Estate in Vlora coastal district.

CRCD played a key role because the participation of stakeholders was very important for a transparent process which significantly reduced opportunities for corruption.

CRCD was responsible for administrative and technical capacity building of local government’s staff and helped in organizing and facilitating the digitization of ownership documents, archived in the offices of local governments.

CRCD assisted in technical training of local units’ staff and establishment of groups that would support and monitor the process.

CRCD trained local units’ staff on the requirements for technical/ legal registration process of real estate. After the transfer of knowledge, local government staff was able to educate and help people for an effective participation in the process.

 Provided services

  • Capacity building of local authorities through the development of operational plans to help implement the work and communicate with the public.
  • Legal information and technical assistance in the collection of ownership documents which would help in taking ownership title.
  • Capacity building of local government’s staff for monitoring the work done by the contracted companies, in order to increase transparency and confidence in the registration process of real estate.

Conducting in depth- analyses and assessment of Lukova Commune

Timespan: September 2012- April 2013
Origin of founding: Lukova
Partners: “Altea & Geostudio 2000” ltd “Land & CO” ltd

Short Description
The consultancy service aims to assist Lukova Commune for the preparation of Local Development Policy and General Local Plan in compliance with the new Law for Territorial Planning. This consultancy contract is under implementation.

The main document provides:

  1. Analyses of the existing elements such as the municipal territory.
  2. Studies of forest resources, agricultural areas, topography and geology, geo-reference maps etc.
  3. Analyses of land use, infrastructure, roads and transport, housing, etc.,
  4. Analyses of the geographical position of the municipality, (economic and social studies, demography, regional economic competitions etc.)
  5. Analyses of the culture and tradition of the area, etc.

 Provided services

Consultancy service for:

  • Study Reports for the environment, infrastructure, economy, topography, geology and hydro geology, demography, etc
  • GIS Mapping according to National Agency for Territorial Planning
  • Completing the register with the findings
  • Training for Commune staff

SMARTCUL2RE, Valorization of new media for the promotion and enhancement of cultural resources in the cross – border area

Timespan: 2013 -2014
Origin of founding: IPA CROSS BORDER GREECE -ALBANIA 2007-2013
Partners: Municipality of Kastoria, Municipality of Gjirokastra and Delvina

Short Description:

Promotion of cultural and natural resources in the cross – border area through valorization of innovative media


  • Cross-border cooperation for the promotion of cultural tourism with (Internet, broadband, mobile tourist guide, technology contemporary cultural database)
  • Promoting cooperation in the cross border region between the cities of important cultural and natural heritage.
  • Creating network cooperation between municipal units, tourist cultural organizations, and citizens in the areas of Gjirokastra and Delvina.
  • Creating a modern electronic database for cultural heritage (architecture, nature, art, folk music, handicrafts, traditions, customs) within Albania-Greece (Corfu, Kastor, Gjirokastra, Delvina)
  • Develop an interactive tourist guide in contemporary mobile

Provided services

  • Management, publications, ICT service
  • Digital inventory of cultural resources in the cross-border area
  • IT development systems