ARISE – Act, React, and Impact for Sustainable Environment

Project Info

Timespan: March- November 2015
Origin of founding: Assist Impact, USAID

Short Description:
This project aims to hold candidate forums and open meetings so citizens can discuss issues prior to the elections in June 2015. Its objectives are as following:

  1. Encourage citizens to act and impact the local agenda by presenting their crucial issues during the election process;
  2. Empower citizens to be more engaged with local officials after the election; and
  3. Take on environmental and health issues at the local level.

Provided services:

  1. Reports on 10 forums/ meetings with candidates.
  2. Reports on 3 forum/ meetings with newly elected mayor.
  3. 1 voters’ guide created
  4. 1,000 printed copies of voters` guide distributed. The e-version will be published via CRCD website as well.

The CRCD website and its Facebook page will be updated and used to create on-line forums and feedback collection from citizens