Citizen Scoring Card initiatives for the Assessment of Public Services

Project Info

Timespan: 2012-2013
Origin of founding: US Embassy in Tirana

Short Description
This project was focused on an innovative approach to address the problems for public services provided by Orikum Municipality and aimed at strengthening citizen voice as the main actor and beneficiary of these services, regulated by law no. 8652 “The operation and organization of local governments in Albania”. In particular, during the project, citizens participated in the assessment of suitability, accessibility and quality of the main services offered by local government – Orikum Municipality, which responded positively to civic call for improvement of the existing situation.

Estimated services: drinking water, cleaning services and urban waste landfill, the wastewater and sewerage, public transport, greenery in the city, recreational spaces and other services provided for the elderly.

Provided services

  • Awareness of citizens, public service providers and Local Government.
  • Research activities on the perception of the quality of public services, public participation in decision making, quality of life etc.
  • Questionnaires, thematic focus groups according to public services, individual interviews with local government representatives and leaders of companies that provide services.
  • Compilation of Card Public Assessment