Conducting in depth- analyses and assessment of Lukova Commune

Project Info

Timespan: September 2012- April 2013
Origin of founding: Lukova
Partners: “Altea & Geostudio 2000” ltd “Land & CO” ltd

Short Description
The consultancy service aims to assist Lukova Commune for the preparation of Local Development Policy and General Local Plan in compliance with the new Law for Territorial Planning. This consultancy contract is under implementation.

The main document provides:

  1. Analyses of the existing elements such as the municipal territory.
  2. Studies of forest resources, agricultural areas, topography and geology, geo-reference maps etc.
  3. Analyses of land use, infrastructure, roads and transport, housing, etc.,
  4. Analyses of the geographical position of the municipality, (economic and social studies, demography, regional economic competitions etc.)
  5. Analyses of the culture and tradition of the area, etc.

 Provided services

Consultancy service for:

  • Study Reports for the environment, infrastructure, economy, topography, geology and hydro geology, demography, etc
  • GIS Mapping according to National Agency for Territorial Planning
  • Completing the register with the findings
  • Training for Commune staff