Design and Implementation of a Public Outreach Programme for the Systematic First Registration of Real Estate in Priority Coastal Areas in Albania

Project Info

Timespan: January 2011-January 2012
Origin of founding: OSCE

Short Description:
Centre for Research Cooperation and Development (CRCD) was contracted by OSCE Presence in Albania for the design and implementation of public information and communication program, which consisted of a series of activities to ensure full participation of stakeholders in the Registration of Real Estate in Vlora coastal district.

CRCD played a key role because the participation of stakeholders was very important for a transparent process which significantly reduced opportunities for corruption.

CRCD was responsible for administrative and technical capacity building of local government’s staff and helped in organizing and facilitating the digitization of ownership documents, archived in the offices of local governments.

CRCD assisted in technical training of local units’ staff and establishment of groups that would support and monitor the process.

CRCD trained local units’ staff on the requirements for technical/ legal registration process of real estate. After the transfer of knowledge, local government staff was able to educate and help people for an effective participation in the process.

 Provided services

  • Capacity building of local authorities through the development of operational plans to help implement the work and communicate with the public.
  • Legal information and technical assistance in the collection of ownership documents which would help in taking ownership title.
  • Capacity building of local government’s staff for monitoring the work done by the contracted companies, in order to increase transparency and confidence in the registration process of real estate.