Do it with love

Project Info

Timespan: 20 January 2014- 20 July 2014
Origin of founding: Vita Teem NGO – Estonia
Partners in project: Vita Teem NGO – Estonia

Short Description:
The project “Do it with Love” brings together 32 young people from 6 different countries interested in career planning and developing creativity. The idea of the project was born during the study visit and partnership building activity between Balkan and Baltic countries that happened in Latvia and Estonia in June 2013. We have visited several organizations working with young people both in Latvia and Estonia, and our colleagues from Balkan countries were amazed by well developed hobby-education system. Possibility to experience different hobbies and develop their interests with the help of professionals is not available for many young people in Balkan countries, because there are no many institutions and organizations providing it for accessible price.

 Provided services

  • International exchange trips with other European organizations and not only in Estonia.