E-activate & E-participate & Engage citizens for urban Environmental health

Project Info

Timespan: June 2015- May 2016
Origin of founding: REC Albania

Short Description:
The project aims to promote and sensitize local authorities in Vlora for implementation of the legal obligation to provide information access to the public as well as real participation  in environmental decision-making through the information and consultation processes and advocacy at the institutional level for any case  that constitute administrative violations and offenses against the environment .

Through several meetings and round-tables, te local institutions (REA, SIEWP and  Vlora Municipality) will join forces and coordinate their work firstly on the environmental information to be broadcast to the public and shared among them i.e lists of permits of type C, the inspection and monitoring reports, notices of public consultation on infrastructure works for  urban renewal and development and not only. The citizens will be involved and a group of activists will be trained to prepare the first monitoring reports and identification of cases of environmental damage, as well as administrative and criminal offenses. This project will enable citizens and local institutions to be active, participative and engaged in important issues that affect the urban environment health of Vlora.  An on-line web-based platform, very informative and demanding dedicated to urban environment will come to the aid of public institutions and citizens in the Municipality of Vlora.

Provided services:

  1. Es on-line web based platform which is a dynamic environmental repository with environmental information from Regional Env. Directorate (env permission of C type, State En Inspectoriate (monitoring and inspection results), Vlora Municipality urban planning office (announcement on public consultation). As well the platform will contain information on environmental situation, citizens feedback and comments etc. http://www.mjedisi.crcd.org.al/
  2. Monitoring report of citizens on urban env. health in the city during the project cycle, examples of law violation and cases which are presented in Vlora District Court, etc.

The Project website will be updated and used to create on-line forums and feedback collection from citizens and other users related environmental information.