European Youth Environment Sentinels – EYES

Project Info

Timespan: 2013-2015
Origin of founding: Association of Local Democracy Agencies – ALDA, France
Partners: 20

Short Description:
The EYES project aims to put the civic participation of young Europeans at the service of health and environment.

By offering young people from diverse backgrounds an opportunity to interact, share knowledge and debate, this proposal aims at reducing the distance between citizens and Europe – both as an institution and as a combination of communities and cultures.
The main objective is to involve youth workers active in the field of health promotion and protection of the environment, and to ensure that their views are heard at European level. To do this, mixed pairs of “sentinels” (observations, alert and local stakeholders on topics of health and environment launchers) will be formed by each of our partners. Their participation in activities under the project is given a “multiplier” role through local initiatives: these pairs will give young people and others in their community the opportunity to be active on issues related to health and the environment, and to make recommendations at the local, national, and European levels.-

Provided services

International Seminar 21-28 June 2015: the seminar will be held in Vicenza (Italy) and will be co-organized by ALDA and its partners. The focus will be on non-formal learning methods. During the eight-day event, participants will:
Expose the major health and environmental problems identified in their territories, and will be encouraged to present new ideas creatively.

Capitalization and local initiatives: the results of the international seminar should be the basis for “sentinels” to implement local initiatives involving young people and citizens of all ages in activities to protect the environment.
Maximization of the impact of the international seminar and the multiplier effect of this support sentinel aims