Institutionalization of anti-corruption measures in Selenica Municipality

Project Info

Timespan: May – October 2017
Origin of founding: IDM, CIVILISC Project, EU Fund

Short Description:
The project highlights: a) the necessity to develop and adopt internal regulations for implementing the procedure ethics and action plans for anti-corruption in order to take the appropriate measures in cases where the level of risk control is existent and a concern for the integrity of the municipality itself; and b) the full participation of civil servants and local community to be part of the process as well to cooperate and participate in the effective implementation of the proposed regulations.
Additionally, in the framework of the Anti-Corruption Strategy for 2015-2020 and Action Plan 2015-2017, it is seen as a necessity the implementation of domestic policies and anti-corruption measures in Selenica Municipality to increase the public confidence for good management of public funds and resources for the common interests.