NCNET, Natural and Cultural network for the promotion and integration of transnational resources

Project Info

Timespan: 2013 -2014
Origin of founding: IPA CROSS BORDER GREECE-ALBANIA 2007-2013
Partners: Municipality of Igoumenitsa, Municipality of Filiates, Municipality of Souli, Aliko and Xarra Commune

Short Description:
NCNET aims at the development of a cross-border network between natural and cultural heritage, in order to improve the protection conditions and enhance transnational sustainable development and territorial planning.


  • Development of a Strategic Management Plan for the management and promotion of natural and cultural resources in the study areas, in the respect of sustainability;
  • Information, education and raising awareness among local communities, stakeholders and visitors on the importance of natural and cultural resources through conferences, press articles, leaflets, brochures, project’s website, project’s partners area and the development of maps and database with natural and cultural information;
  • Promotion of local communities’ economic and social sustainable development by incorporating stakeholders and local communities in the decision-making processes;
  • Protection and promotion of less known natural and cultural resources that are part of national and international networks;
  • Promotion of the implementation of common cross-border strategies, which enhance cooperation and safeguard environmental sustainability.

 Provided services

  • Tourism, Environmental and Social Assessment
  • Strategic Management Plan
  • Business Plan 2013-2015
  • GIS Thematic Maps