Reporting the Environment in Albania

Project Info

Timespan: January – December 2014
Origin of founding: IPA 2012 Civil Society Facility-EU Delegation
Partners:  EDEN Center

Short Description
Overall objective: To raise the standards of media reporting on the environment in Albania in the context’s of the country’s aspiration to join the European Union

Specific objective: To provide a group of journalists from different parts of Albania with a year-long training program that will equip them with knowledge, skills and contacts to enable them to report on environmental issues in the context of the country’s EU bid with confidence and in a competent and engaging manner.

Provided services

  1. An online distance learning course about reporting environmental issues, understanding science and journalistic investigation techniques
  2. A follow-up, three-day training seminar in Vlora, ending with a roundtable that will bring together the twelve seminar participants, their trainers and different actors in the environment sector.
  3. Reporting assignments (“Shoulder-to-Shoulder”), with trainees working in the filed on specific stories.
  4. Development of a project website, simultaneously enabling citizens’ involvement in news generation and serving as a resource for journalists covering the environment
  5. A study-tour for five trainees judged as most successful by the project’s trainers.