Together an EYE on ENVIRONMENT

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Timespan: May 2017- January 2018
Origin of founding: REC Albania, SENIOR II Program, SWEDEN Fund

Short Description:
The project will be implemented in the city of Vlora and the focus is energy poverty, a situation where individuals or families cannot provide heat in their house by affordable costs due to social and economic reasons.

Vlora city has a number of houses about 22,351 of which 16,269 are stock (uninhabited) and the number of families on social assistance supported from the Municipality of Vlora is 670 or about 11% of residential housing. While it is relatively considerable the number of educational and public buildings at not only they, for which facing the costs of electricity from local power range at a monthly average of 250 thousand euro / month for gardens.

The project addresses the assessment of energy performance in the residential sector in families and economic problems, public entities and not public in Vlora as a valuable tool to address the challenges of sustainable use of clean energy, in the implementation of policies local support efficiently with the aim of energy efficiency and minimize negative environmental impact thus mitigating climate change.