Training on WOBIS – Software (offline tool) and Help Desk for Water Utilities

Project Info

Timespan: Dec – June 2015
Origin of founding: GIZ Albania
Names of Partners: CK Development

In support of the initial 15 utilities where energy efficiency/optimization assessments were done in 2013/14, CK Development in cooperation with the staff of GIZ/Program of Water Sector Reform designed, programmed and implemented the web application online database called Water Operational Business Information System or WOBIS.

This database provides the utilities with an online platform where they can enter operational data related to water utilities, financial data, technical data, energy efficiency and also all other key operational data.

The training contract consists for the online use of WOBIS and the offline operation by explaining the tricks and the ways of using WOBIS under water utilities conditions for the benefit of planning, cost benefit analyzes and testing.

WOBIS is a necessary and powerful tool that will enable the evaluation of operational parameters and indicators and creating the possibility for target setting to reach specific objectives and goals towards the immediate improvements and progress of the operation of water utility. The performance indicators set up are compatible with International Water Association as well those of Albanian Water Regulatory Authority (WRA). The staff of WRA participated in the training as well.

For a 6-month period, was set up a help desk for make a use of WOBIS.

Type of services provided by the bidding consultant:

  • Training for the use of the Offline Version of WOBIS for monitoring and target setting purposes.
  • Develop end-users support on WOBIS Offline
  • Assisting utility managers and staff for WOBIS operation in general

The list of trained water utilities for WOBIS operation:

Novoselë, Vlorë, Selenicë, Tepelenë, Fier, Delvinë, Divjakë, Patos, Himarë, Elber, Durrës, Elbasan, Rrogozhinë, Peqin, Ersekë.